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Chairman's Message

The year 2016 was reasonably peaceful for development in Bangladesh. Women in the villages and slums – farmers, factory workers and entrepreneurs – continued their steady advance down the path out of poverty with Helping Human Foundation..." more
-Ishraq Tariq, Chairman

Helping Human Foundation directly helps the poor and suffering humans through your contributions or monetary support.

We are a Non-profitable, Non-government, Non-political and Charitable organization with necessary permission from the Government, in a mission to Heal the World and make it a better place by helping each other and becoming Helping Humans.

Programs & Projects

April 21, 2018

Access to Capital Finance Program

Over the last few years, the HHF microfinance program has become one of the major providers of financial services to the poor, providing tools that enable […]
April 21, 2018

Climate Change, Disaster Preparedness, Management and Rehabilitation Program

Climate change and natural disasters are of global concern, and they pose serious threats to developing countries in particular. The Climate Change, Disaster Preparedness, Management and Rehabilitation program […]
April 21, 2018

Safe Migration Program

Migration is an important sector, contributing significantly to the transformation of Bangladesh into a middle-income country. However, migrants are often exploited due to lack of information […]

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